Utility 430

1974 Chevy Cargo Van          

 430 was received in 1974 from the US Forestry on a grant. 430 was used as a utility van until replaced in 2003 by 431.  

Primary use for the van was to haul firefighters to emergency scenes

Old 430 was sold for $500 to bidder who lived in Morral, OH

(Old) Engine 411

1975 Ford 700 Howe Pumper

 Old 411 was a standard shift, 538 gas engine, 1000 gpm pump and 1000 gallon water tank.

E411 was in service as front line engine until replaced in 1995 by the current Engine 411.  

Old 411 was sold for $12,000 to Volunteer Fire Department in Tennessee in 1996.

Engine Rescue 410

1984 Chevy C70

410 was custom built with a 5 ton Dana 4x4 front axel, 750gpm pump, 600 gallons of water, standard shit, 427 gas engine.


 410 was the first Engine Rescue in Marion County in 1984. 

E/R 410 served until it was replaced in 2006 with E/R 417. E/R 410 was sold in 2008 to McDuffy Volunteer FD located in neighboring Hardin County for $10,000.

E 411, E/R 417 and T420         


Units out training on drop tank evolutions at Pleasant Schools.

April 20, 2013 

Tanker 420           2011 Crimson on a Spartan Chassis.

1500 GPM pump, 2600 gallons of water, Class "A" foam logic system. 420 carries firefighting equipment and serves as a backup pumper.

Tanker 420 was put in service on February 25, 2012

Engine Rescue 417

2006 Crimson on a Spartan Chassis.

1500 GPM pump, 500 gallons of water, Class "A" and "B" foam system.

Engine Rescue 417 was put in service September 16, 2006, Removed from service August 1, 2019

 Sold to Utica FD, in Fisk, WI On August 3, 2019

Utility 431, Engine Rescue 417 and  Engine 411 in front of Station

September 2008


Engine 2 1961 International 4x4, 500gpm pump, 500 gallon tank

The second engine Pleasant Twp. acquired. The new chassis was a Military issue chassis left over from surplus and Fire Safety Service made the body.

Left: Engine 1 (1951 Ford F700, 500gpm pump and 1000 gallon tank) was the first Engine Pleasant Twp. acquired in 1951.

Right: Engine 2 (1961 International 4x4) was the second engine Pleasant Twp. acquired in 1961. The new chassis was a Military issue chassis left over from surplus.


Utility 431

2003 Ford Excursion          

 431 was purchased to replace an old 1974 chevy van (430) as a first responder truck.  431 had an extendo-bed in the rear, 5500w raven belt driven generator and 2500w night command light tower

431 was put in service December 2, 2003 .

HazMat 4

2003 16' enclosed trailer          

 HazMat 4 carries absorbents, plugging and patching kits, along with containment barrels, Paratech sealant airbag system

HazMat 4 was put in service December 2, 2003 .

 June 28, 2006

Medic 407

2013 Horton Ambulance          

 The making of 407 at Horton MFG


Engine 411         

 1995 Freightliner New Lexington  

1000 GPM pump, 1000 gallons of water, Class "A"  and "B" foam  system. 411 serves as a backup pumper.

Engine 411 was put in service in 1995

Engine Rescue 417

2019 Rosenbauer, 1500 GPM pump, 500 gallons of water with Class A foam

In Service August 1st 2019

Fire Department Apparatus

Pleasant Township Marion, Ohio

Medic 407

2013 Horton Ambulance          


Medic 407 was delivered on October 23, 2013 and scheduled to be in service January 1, 2014 to start PTFD EMS for first time in the history of the department

(Old) Tanker 420

1988 Ford F600          

 Old 420 was standard shift, 428 gas engine,  350 gpm pump and 1800 gallon water tank

Old 420 was retired from service on February 25, 2012 . It was replaced with 2011 Crimson tanker. PTFD received an $300,000 Assistance Firefighters Grant to replace the aging tanker. 420 was sold for $2,500 to Dwight Williams who is a local farmer.