Pleasant Township Marion, Ohio

Roads in Pleasant Township

~~The care and maintenance of the township road system is the largest function of the Township. Responsibility for the roads in Pleasant Township is divided among the different levels of government. The State of Ohio maintains U.S. 423, State Route 4 and State Route 203. Marion County maintains Smeltzer, Gooding, Dunbar, Owens, Marion-Cardington, Richland, Somerlot-Hoffman, and Bethlehem Roads and Pleasant maintains the following :

Road: Road Length:

Newmans Cardington Rd. 6.76 miles

Schweinfurth Rd. 0.48 miles

Benzler Rd. 2.00 miles

Wolfinger Rd. 1.13 miles

Benzler Lust Rd. 1.81 miles

Myers Rd. 0.46 miles

Maple Grove Rd. 1.55 miles

Neidhart Rd. 1.23 miles

Nickelson Rd. 0.53 miles

Newmans St. 0.08 miles

Barkswood Rd. 0.21 miles

Bostan Rd. 0.16 miles

Martin Dr. 0.16 miles

Oakdale Dr. 0.14 miles

Thomas Dr. 0.23 miles

Scenic Dr. 0.46 miles

Fairway Dr. 0.31 miles

Oak Dr. 0.23 miles

Christopher Dr. 0.34 miles

Lau Fran Lane 0.04 miles

Harmony Dr. 0.21 miles

Karla Dr. 0.10 miles

Gemini Dr. 0.23 miles

Conrads Trace 0.21 miles

Edwards Glen 0.11 miles

Adams Shade Rd. 0.10 miles

Eagle Pass Dr. 0.22 miles

Eagle Links Dr. 0.27 miles

Eagle Creek S. 0.40 miles

Flagstick 0.08 miles

Lighthouse Ridge 0.23 miles

Cobblestone Creek 0.05 miles

Stoney Creek Lane 0.11 miles

Hoch Rd. 0.20 miles

Pleasant Dr. 0.11 miles

Buckeye Run 0.13 miles

Sugar Maple Lane 0.20 miles

Redbud Rd. 0.09 miles

Sycamore Court 0.04 miles

Total Miles 21.45 miles Maintaining the roads consist of repairing the surfaces of roads, burming, mowing, guard rails and culverts. Repair drainage in the right of away which consists of 15 foot from the centerline of township roads in most cases, snow removal and salting township roads.

The township has 3 snow plows and 2 salt spreaders. When plowing the roads and subdivisions, it takes 4 passes in the subdivisions which increase our lane mileage from 22 miles to nearly 80 miles.

The township has a tractor with a wing mower and tractor with an arm mower, which we use to mow all township roads 4 or 5 times yearly. All sign post and guardrails are trimmed by hand. The township trustees and one part-time employee take care of the road work in Pleasant Township