Pleasant Township Zoning Department

Mission Statement


It is the purpose of the Zoning Department to promote the public health, safety and morals which is directly and significantly affected by the use of land; to protect the townships natural resources, scenic resources and natural beauty; to protect the property rights of all individuals by assuring the compatibility of uses and practices within established districts; and to provide for adequate public services and the orderly development of land in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan and its Amendments.

Zoning Board Members

Zoning Board

Zoning Inspector - Tom Baker  (740) 360-0601 

Chairman Dennis - Mattix (740) 387-6754 

Secretary / Alternate - Tim Micheal (740) 341-8105

Jack Dean Board Member (740)225-7354

Harry Holler Board Member - (740) 389-2772  

Dwight Williams Board Member (740) 225-2397 

Tom Leib - Alternate (740) 262-2205

Meeting the 3rd Thursday Monthly at 7:30pm

Located at the Pleasant Township Trustees office (behind the fire station)

Zoning Appeals Board

Zoning Inspector - Tom Baker  (740) 360-0601

Chairman - Brett Bowers  (740) 360-1284 

Secretary / Alternate - Stephanie Barkley (740) 360-5101 

Jim Conway Board Member (740)244-6258 

Jeffery Bay Board Member - (740) 341-9075

Mark Freyhof Board Member (740)-494-2576

Terry Huff Board Member (740)389-1326

Jeff Dine Board Member (419) 305-5714

Alternate Jeffry Bay  (740) 341-9075

Meeting the 3rd Wednesday Monthly at 7:30pm 
Located at the Pleasant Township Trustees office (behind the fire station)

Pleasant Township Marion, Ohio